Man for the Millennium

by Barbara Kent

The men of the 70s were laid-back partying guys. When the 80s rolled around, they doffed their leisure suits for corporate threads and became workaholics. In the 90s they developed sensitivity and got in touch with their Inner Child or Iron Man John. The Millennium Man is the evolved, improved model for the Double Os and Tom Atkinson is the paradigm for that man.
A North Shore Long Island resident, Tom is a partner and principle of the Westin Group, an organization that assists rapidly growing companies to achieve their goals. We focus on people, Tom says, The better the people are, the better the organization becomes.
This 21st Century man has an overabundance of interests. Just about 6 tall and 190 lbs, Tom is a devotee of weight lifting (think rock-hard biceps under a Brooks Brothers suit)--an athlete who enjoys golf and martial arts; who scuba dives, roller blades, runs, hikes and goes mountain biking.
The issue with Tom just might be keeping up with him. Fortunately, he is also an aficionado of live music, cinema, conversation and travel. His 1999 itinerary included Pompano Beach and Amsterdam-- He greeted the Dawn of the Millennium in a Berkshire Valley self aware, intelligent, environmentally friendly community. When pressed for a favorite spot he responded Ive Been to so many places I like them all.
And guess what else? He cooks.
Divorced and the father of a 19 year old son, Tom is seeking to develop a long term relationship with a true friend, lover, and partner to share the good life with. Open-minded, the woman of his dreams is between 38 to 53 years old, stands 5' 0" to 6' 0" tall. While he admits to a passion for long hair, his ideal woman is either average, petite, athletic, slender or carries a few extra pounds.
His philosophy is simply stated: You can live life by participating or observing. I'm a participant.
You can reach Tom via e-mail: