Past Life: A goal-oriented journey into how you got here, and an examination of personal Karma and your relationships.

Psychic: A simple, open-ended divination meditation. This is a random stream of consciousness exchange of ideas.

Tarot: Tarot is the roadmap for the journey of life. A "Tarot reading" is a meditation between two people, using Tarot cards, for the purpose of learning more about one's expression on the earth plane, and where exactly on that roadmap we are.

Crystal Ball: Divination via Skrying. Crystal meditation

Spirit: Spirit guides are always near, but not always loud enough. This meditation focuses on how to find, and listen to your guides.

* Readings are for self-discovery. We do not pretend to be able to see into the future, nor to tell your fortune. However we DO expect to be able to teach you to do so for yourself!

Face the future fearlessly and it is yours. Fear it, and it ceases to exist.