The dawn of technology, 1983, a 300 baud Apple smart modem captivated me. Buzz-whir-hum-click and ultimate white noise signifying <-connect-> instantly became a primary source of endorphins. The Universe contracted and birthed cyberspace. At the helms of our cyberspace-ships we, the first handful of cybernauts suspected the impact on society this fledgling technology would have, and jealously guarded it. We played and flirted, partied, and worked, got divorced and remarried, and some of us died...while -connected.-. It is no surprise that the Internet has since evolved into the most profound method of communication since the Ark of the Covenant, and the staggering social revolution it has triggered will not go away. If you intend on being around for at least a fraction of the 21st century, you must be connected.
Over drinks at the St. Regis Hotel in New York City, five women from radically diverse backgrounds meet in the flesh for the first time. Originally online investing buddies, Esther, May, Sharon, McCabe and I expanded our worlds by risking an all woman, real-time meet. This was to be no quilting club, however.

The newest member to the group, Esther, an elementary school teacher in the NYC inner city school system, discovered the Internet when she was unexpectedly thrust into widowhood. The Internet helped me through the grieving process... it became a healing tool for me. The sudden loss of her husband triggered a dormant interest in finance. I always loved the idea of investing, but I allowed him to make the decisions. When I got online, it gave me a feeling of control. We have no control over sudden death but I learned that I can control my financial destiny. The online experience gave me possibilities, hopes and belief that it can happen... I found a lot of strength in the unity of sisters and was surprised by the element of female bonding. We can do anything...

McCabe Hurley, Executive Vice President of the newly created Link Futures, an Introducing Broker, has been online for five years. Key in developing a website with Marcel Link, her partner and President of the company, McCabe notes that Women traders tend to make decisions based on sound market decisions and not ego. they tend to find it easier to say they're wrong and reverse themselves. They also seem to be able to write out a list of rules and stick to them. I think this is because we've been told what to do for sooo long. Investing is one of the infinite online vehicles that enable women to achieve economic and professional freedom.
The Internet has made the investing and trading landscape more level, says McCabe. The difference between the information the pros get and the average person can get on the net is minimal. People from Hawaii to Arkansas have been to our site and requested information. There's no way a new business could have found all those leads without the Internet. We offer a tremendous amount of free information, so we make it worth people's time to return.
In spite of the fact that the technology has been around for more than a decade, the Internet is brand spanking, out-of-the-box new, and business opportunity is infinite, if you are creative and audacious. Maylena Burchfield, CEO of, Inc. and Sharon Alford, President, build electronic "communities" for online groups that want to share synergy of a professional, spiritual or "way of life" nature.
A woman of vision, Ms. Burchfields goals are as idealistic as they are practical. To me women nurturing women are MOST important...we have "" that is our females in biz community "incubating" good ideas and one another. We have barter boards, conference rooms, e-commerce and its all interactive on the fly by the user...I have 30+ interactive components on the drawing board, including an import/export exchange that will continue to make the communities interactive and cutting-edge. I also have the ONLY online originated certified US mail, patented 93%. The World Wide Web is emerging as the ultimate good ol girl network. The choices we make, says Maylena, ...including our birth sex, are all for a reason. I think NOW is the time for women and I feel strongly the Internet plays a VITAL role in that.
This first meeting an empowering success, we five have made plans to meet regularly and to add more cyber sisters as we grow.
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