We Entered a new age on September 11, 2001, when the world as we knew it ceased to exist--The Age of Convergence. The evolution of this species began when the first hominid stood upright in order to see further. Since that time, Humankind has endeavored to see further still so that we may define our position on Earth and in the Universe in relation to all other "things."

The mournful events of that sunny morning have accelerated this species into it's next evolutionary stage Humanity's desire for a Macrocosmic perspective has resulted in the development of fabulous tools...tools that are essentially the next step in Human evolution. What manner of creature is this, who can see inside another being and watch the cell division of a developing embryo, who can map the topography of a planet 63 million miles away or peer so closely into itself as to examine, evaluate and alter the very germinal fluid of which we are made?

Circumstances have unfortunately put us in the sad position of using technology for defense. The technologies we have brought you in the last six months are more relevant than ever before, i.e.: face recognition technology, thermal imaging, GIS Systems, missile guidance, satellite technology, infra-red photography, optical head tracking, security issues and civil rights...Our success as a species is ultimately dependent on technology. As long as there are fanatics whose greatest desire is to blow the world back to the Stone Age we must persist in obstructing them with technology

During the coming months, many jobs will be lost, but like the emergence of saplings in the wake of a forest fire, many new jobs will be created. In times like this, the US Government invests huge amounts in R&D that is primarily designed for defense. Many of these technologies find their way into peacetime as benign technologies which spur the growth of new industries. For example, MIRV (Multiply Targeted Re-entry Vehicle) was extant for decades and finally declassified in 1993. Originally designed to deliver many, independently targeted nuclear warheads, each containing up to 40 kilotons of blast power from a satellite positioned in space, became the show piece of satellite broadcast. The paradigm example of beating swords into ploughshares. Peace will be restored. The economy will recover.

Homo Sapiens are all about images, finding, defining, analyzing, reproducing and creating them. Advanced Imaging brings you cutting-edge imaging news to enable you to see into tomorrow. Our writers are tops in their respective fields...the people who actually develop and research the imaging technologies used in industries as diverse as robotics, medicine, entertainment, law enforcement, defense, art.

During the unprecedented eight halcyon years of peace, prosperity and technological growth of the past US Administration "diversification" was the rallying cry of market gurus. Diversification is STILL the key to the dominion, only now it is a war whoop. Our goal at Advanced Imaging is to bring a wide array of imaging technologies to a broad spectrum of industries. Convergent technologies, running lean and mean will remain a critical issue in the coming months. Cross industrial marketing is the key to implementing convergence, and the more flexible the technology, the more successful it will be.

Our deepest symathy to all affected by the terrorist attacks on NYC and Washington DC, and our deep gratitude to the heroes of flight 93.