Looking for a C7A1 assault rifle or a Chantilly rose patterned rug but not quite sure what the

"official" name is? CONVERA, offspring of Intel Corporation and Excalibur Technologies offers intelligent search technology for managing multimedia digital content assets. you can find what you're looking for based on images rather than words.

Honeywell/DOE is using Convera Visual RetrievalWare to search across over 10,000 photographic images of weapon materials standards and other information saved as JPEGs. More than a million product-related x-ray images are scheduled to be added to the archive. Honeywell manufactures state of the art electronic components for national defense systems.

Visual RetrievalWare is the first comprehensive application development software to automatically index and retrieve visual darta. Each component is "learned" by the system based on visual criteria characteristics, and then reduced to a searchable index where users can search by image content or metadata. Among Converas diverse customer base are, ABC News, British Telecom,, Discovery Communications, Encyclopedia Britannica, Exodus,,, Microsoft, the NBA, Raytheon, Reuters, Sony, StorageTek, Sun Mirosystems and others.

Beam Me Over There

Obligatory appearances at odious social events may soon be an artifact of the 20th century. Now you can be in two places at once...and you no longer need be embarrassed by inadvertently booking two dates on one night!

Texas Governor Rick Perry materialized before a group of Richardson, Texas business leaders in the first successful demonstration of a technology called "teleportation." The governor's 3-D holographic image was beamed from Austin to the University of Texas at Dalls via Internet2, a network connecting universities and corporations.

Teleportec Inc., the firm that is marketing the technology, arranged for the demonstration at the University of Texas. The company's Teleporter invention can project real-time holographic images anywhere on this planet, at the moment. "it's the telephone of the future," said Teleportec's chief executive, Duffie White.

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Further bending reality, it is also possible to not only be "beamed" to another location, but the location itself may well be a real-time, full-sensory environment that may or may not exist in the birck and mortar world we are most familiar with.

The NASA Glenn Research Center demonstrated RAVE(tm) (Reconfigurable Advanced Visualization Environment), which consists of three self-contained modules that can be used as stand-alone stereoscopic projection display systems or in diverse groupings. Each module features an 8-foot-wide by 7.5-foot-high rigid rear-projected screen at one end of an 11-foot-deep structure containing one or more high-resolution CRT projectors, resulting in an immersive, collaborative environment.

"The display wall is ideal for showing large amounts of data where one can look up close at small details or step back and get the big picture," said Jay Horowitz, director of the NASA Glenn GRUVE lab. "The panoramic view configuration is good for flight simulator-type visualization or for displaying several panels of data and video displays like a virtual control room. The CAVE, a three-sided room with 3D projection and tracking, gives one the sense of being fully immersed in a virtual reality simulation."

NASA's initiative was to enable geographically dispersed teams of engineers and scientists to collaborate in full-sensory environments, allowing them to work together as if they were at the same location. Researchers at remote NASA locations will utilize broad bandwidth links between systems to share the virtual environment with NASA Glenn in real-time.

The RAVE from Fakespace Systems Inc., powered by Silicon Graphics Onyx2, with high bandwidth ccNUMA architecture, combines supercomputing and visualization technologies to process 3D graphics, 2D imaging and video data in real time. Extending InfiniteReality(tm) graphics architecture, ifinite-Reality3 provides advanced capabilities for iquality and realism.


With Shares trading at just under $6.00, Xerox Corporation is apparently just another victim of the downturn in the "new" economy. However, Xerox President Ann Mulcahy is working magic here and there and changing everything into color in the process. Addressing a huge multinational press conference, and spending lots of green to do so, Mulcahy introuced "the world's largest color platform," which included a plethora of new color products from "The New Xerox" aka "The Document Company." Speaking of which...F.W.Dodge, a branch of McGraw hill signed a five-year contract with Xerox to provide document-conversion services for it's digital plans and specifications service, Dodge Plans. Dodge Plans provides over 60,000 plans and specifications and more than 80,000 addenda to the construction industry annually, creating a volume of 32.6 million images per year.

Barbara Kent, May 2001

Editor-in-Chief, Advanced Imaging Magazine